the doctrine of hatred must be preached as as the counteraction to the doctrine of love when that pules and whines. i shun mother father brother wife friend child when my genius calls. i would write on the lintels of doorposts love. i hope it is somewhat love but we cannot spend the day in explanation or preparation. expect me not to show cause why i seek or why i exclude company.

then again do not tell me as a good man did today of my obligation to put all poor men in good situations. are they my poor. i tell thee thou foolish philanthropist that i grudge the dollar the dime the cent it is what divides all men. i give to such men as do not belong to me or and to whom i do not belong. giving money will never solve the problems we are confronted with. it can only be a conscientious shift. there is a class of persons of whom by spiritual affinity iAM bought and sold for them i would lay down my life. but your miscellaneous popular institutions. the education of fools at colleges the building of meeting houses to the vain end to which many stand alms and sots and the thousand fold relief societies though i confess with shame i sometimes succumb and give the dollar it is a wicked dollar which by and by i shall have the manhood to withhold yet the more of it i withhold the more it consumes my heart and dangers my soul.

the land was parted from the sea so man could eat. by nature our true dwelling place is the ocean but we fail to even manage 30% of our earthly inheritance. and as we destroy the landwe tarnish the ocean and skies above. by oppressing nature we oppress ourselves. we need to make time to think to sit with time is to sit with ourselves. the ability to choose is the greatest power we have you will be justified in your truth.