now when cyrus had thus returned after his danger and disgrace he set about planning that he might never again be in the power of his brother but if possible might be king in his stead. he had in the first place the support of his mother for she loved him better than the son who was king artaxerxes. again when any of the king’s courts came to visit him he treated them all in such a way that when he sent them back they were more devoted to him than the king. he also took care that the barbarians of his own province should be capable soldiers and should feel kindly toward him.

lastly as regards his greek force he proceeded to collect it with the utmost secrecy so that he might take the king as completely unprepared as possible.

it was in the following way then he gathered his forces. in the first place he sent orders to the commanders of all the garrisons he had in the cities to enlist as many peloponnesian soldiers as possible of the best sort on the plea that tissapherenes had designs upon their cities. for infact the ionian cities had originally belonged to tissaphernes by gift of the king by that time all of them had revolted except miletus and gone over to persia.

let us be in charge of our learning none can teach you best but yourself. history poetry and philosophy must be studied with unceasing labour. we must anticipate change in every age by observing events of the times. let us not be stagnant and settle down like our parents did. with every decision we make we define history. better choices will produce better outcomes