all things follow

metaphor of farming

in beginning we

invest much labour

but as time

goes we invest

portion of labour

it will take

years to reap

because first we

need to rehabilitate

soil before anything

can grow our

bodies have been

damaged first they

need healing before

they flourish nature

will complete thee

and then you

will produce good

fruit nature will

not have her

work manifest by

cowards only so

much we can

achieve with our

strength we are

relieved and gay

when we have

put everything into

our work and

done our best

but what one

has done or

said otherwise will

give one no

peace it is

deliverance which does

not deliver in

attempt his genius

deserts him no

heliconian muse befriends

him no invention

no hope there

are few and

simple things we

need to do

in life we

fail to recognize

them because we

distract ourselves with

many things we

have taken our

souls and put

them in machines

we have been

adopted by institutions

and forsaken ourselves

i know i

can be what

i wanna be

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