there are some

who believe study

of philosophy had

its beginnings among

barbarians they urge

that persians had

their magi babylonians

or assyrians their

chaldaeans and indians

their gymnosophists and

among celts and

gauls there are

people called druids

or holy ones

for which they

site as authority

magicus of aristotle

and sotion in

his twenty third

book of his

succession of philosophers

also they say

that mochus was

phoenician zamolxis thracian

and atlas libyan

these authors forget

that achievements which

they attribute to

barbarians belong to

man with whom

not merely philosophy

but human race

itself began for

instance musaeus is

claimed by athens

linus by thebes

it is said

that former son

of eumolpus was

first to compose

genealogy of gods

and to construct

sphere and that

he maintained all

things proceed from

unity and are

resolved again into

unity he died

at phalerum and

this is his

epitaph musaues to

his sire eumolpus

dear in phalarean

soil lies buried

here and eumoplidae

at athens get

their name from

father of musaeus

many nations consist

history of mankind

there has been

wisdom in every

age and nation

our history is

patterns behaviours from

scythia to libya

from libya to

attica and from

attica to egypt