cowherds are rulers

of their cattle

grooms are rulers

of their horses

and all who

are called herdsmen

are regarded as

rulers of animals

over which they

are placed in

charge now i

noticed as i

thought that all

these herds obeyed

their keepers more

readily than men

obey their rulers

herds go wherever

their keeper directs

them and graze

in those places

to which he

leads them and

keep out of

those from which

he excludes them

they allow their

keeper moreover to

enjoy just as

he will profits

that accrue from

them and then

again i have

never known of

herd conspiring against

its keeper either

to refuse obedience

or to deny

enjoyment of profits 

that accrue at

same time herds

are more intractable

to strangers than

to their keeper

and those who

derive benefits from

them men however

conspire against none

sooner than against

those who they

see trying to

rule over them

men are not

keepers of herds

more than herds

are keepers of

men animals are

incredibly gracious and

loyal beings spend

time with horse

and see how

your life will