yes we need

money no we

dont first we

need love peace

and joy when

you wait for

love it is

most pleasing sweeter

than taste of

honey im all

about wisdom that

which sustains moon

sun and stars

your body releases

scent which is

picked up by 

anothers subconscious all

wisdom is in

our body man

is his own

star and soul

that can render

honest and perfect

man commands all

light all influence

all fate nothing

to him falls

too early or

too late our

acts our angels

are or good

or ill our

fatal shadows that

walk by us

still cast bantling

on rocks suckle

him with she

wolfs teat wintered

with hawk and

fox power and

speed be hands

and feet we

need to read

our hearts before

we read our

books good artists

copy great artists