instead of jeering

at me he

said tell me

when it was

that this party

took place when

you and i

were only children

i told him

on occasion of

agathon’s victory with

his first tragedy

day after that

of dedicatory feast

which he and

his players held

for its celebration

ah quite long

time ago it

would seem said

he but who

gave you account

of it socrates

himself goodness no

i answered it

was divine postman

of slumtown skinny

man who always

went about barefoot

he was of

company there being

one of chief

of socrates’ lovers

at that time

i believe but

all same i

have since questioned

socrates on some

details of story

i heard from

his friend and

he acknowledged them

to be in

accordance with his

account come then

he said let

me have it

now and in

fact road up

to town is

well suited for

telling and hearing

as we go

as we explore

our art we

explore ourselves greatness

takes time