let us believe

in inherent good

of man let

us enjoy him

for himself not

what he owns

we need not

regard our living

together as unfortunate

mishap warranting endless

competition among us

but deliberate act

of nature to

make man into

community sisters and

brothers jointly involved

in quest for

composite answer to

varied problems of

life in all

we do let

us place love

first and all

our action be

joint community oriented

action rather than

individualism which is

goal of institutions

we must refrain

from using people

as stepping stones

instead we must

be prepared to

have much slower

progress in effort

to make sure

that all of

us are marching

to same tune

follow one road

and stay true

old age conforms

to nobody all

conform to it

only child is

beautiful success awaits

no matter how

far you go

forth you can

always retrace childhood