one of most

difficult things to

do these days

is to talk

with authority on

anything to do

with human culture

we seem to

have no deep

understanding of who

we are conquered

by institutions and

religion which demand

strict code of

behaviour with respect

to clothing education

ritual and custom

when persuasion fails

one is met

with sour force

when we conform

we lose grip

on ourselves and

our surroundings asking

fewer questions nature

is domesticated and

treated inferior yet

it is what

feeds all man

nature is not

time bound civilization

has dealt severe

blow upon nature

and so as

nature suffers so

will man feel

her sting we

have become as

shallow as institutions

we serve dull

as religions we

praise man trusts

in anything but

himself his car

his home his

clothing become his

identity he can

never make up 

his mind his

faith lies in

his dollar

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