one who loves

truly can never

lose entirely memories

of love never

pass they linger

guide and influence

long after source

of stimulation has

faded every person

who has been

moved by love

knows that it

leaves enduring traces

upon human heart

love endures it

is spiritual in

nature man who

cannot be stimulated

to great heights

of achievement by

love is hopeless

he is dead

though he may

seem to live

whoever does not

know love does

not know life

retreat to your

yesteryears and bathe

your mind in

beautiful memories of

past love it

will soften present

worries and annoyances

it will give

you source of

escape from unpleasant

realities of life

your mind will

yield to you

during this temporary

retreat into world

of imagination which

will change state

of your soul

do not believe

yourself unfortunate when

you have loved

and lost perish

that thought one

who has loved

truly can never

lose entirely love

is whimsical and

temperamental it comes

when it pleases

and goes away

without warning love

comes slow and

goes so fast

accept and enjoy

it while at

your grasp but

spend no time

worrying about its

departure worry will

never bring it

back dismiss thought

that love never

comes but once

loves comes and

goes times without

number but there

are no two

love experiences which

affect one in

same every story

is different there

is always that

great love which

leaves deeper imprint

upon soul of

man than all

other love experiences

all love feeds

soul except to

one who becomes

cynical and resentful

when love makes

its departure do

not be downcast

over love passed

understand difference

between emotions of

love and sex

love is spiritual

sex is biological

no experience which

touches human heart

with spiritual force

can possibly be

harmful except through

ignorance or jealousy

love is greatest

experience of life

it brings one

in communion with

infinite intelligence when

mixed with emotions

of romance and

sex one begins

to transcend to

great star emotions

of love sex

and romance are

sides of eternal

triangle of achievement

building genius love

is source of

all creative energy