when that aprille

with his shouers

droghte of march

hath perced to

roote and bathed

every veyne in

swich licour of

which vertu engendred

is flour whan

zephirus eek with

his swete breeth

inspired hath in

every holt and

heeth tendre croppes

and yonge sonne

hath in ram

his halfe cours

yronne and smale

foweles maken melodye

that slepen al

nyght with open

ye so priketh

hem nature in

hir corages thanne

longen folk to

goon on pilgrimigaes

and palmeres for

to seken straunge

strondes to fern

holwes kowthe in

sondry londes and

specially from every

shires ende of

engelond to caunterbury

they wende hooly

blisful martir for

to seke that

hem hath holpen

whan that they

were seke when

its going good

its great but

when its bad

its awful serve

people all you

have is this