one two three

but where my

dear timaeus is

fourth of our

guests of yesterday

our hosts of

today some sickness

has befallen him

socrates for he

would have never

stayed away of

our gathering of

his own free

will then task

of filling place

of absent one

falls upon you

and our friends

here does it

not undoubtedly and

we shall do

our best not

to come short

for indeed it

would not be

at all right 

after splendid hospitality

we received from

you yesterday if

we that is

those who are

left of us

failed to entertain

you cordially in

return well then

do you remember

extent and character

of subjects which

i proposed for

your discussion in

part we do

remember them divine

postman and of

what we have 

forgotten you are

present to remind

us or if

it is not

trouble recount them

from beginning so

as to fix

them more firmly

in our minds

cursed are those

who love power

it differs not

from love of