wrath sing heavenly

goddess of son

of peleus that

destructive wrath which

brought countless woes

upon achaens and

sent forth to

hades many valiant

souls of heroes

and made them

themselves spoil for

dogs and every

bird thus plan

of zeus came

to fulfillment from

time when they

first parted in

strife son of

atreus king of

men and brilliant

achilles who then

was it of

gods that brought

these two together

to contend son

of leto and

zeus for he

in anger against

king roused throughout

host evil pestilence

and people began

to perish upon

priest son of

atreus had wrought

dishonour for he

had come to

swift ships of

achaens to free

his daughter bearing

ransom past counting

and in his

hands he held

wreath of apollo

who strikes from

afar on staff

of gold and

he implored all

achaens but most

of all two

sons of atreus

marshallers of people

sons of atreus

and other well

greaved achaens to

you may gods

who have homes

upon olympus grant

that you sack

city of priam

and return safe

to your homes

but my dear

child release to

me and accept

my ransom out

of reverence for

son of zeus

apollo who strikes

from afar then

all rest of

achaens shouted assent

to reverence priest

and accept glorious

reverence yet this

did not please

heart of agamemnon

son of atreus

he sent him

away harshly and

laid upon him

stern command let

me not find

you old man

by hollow ships

either tarrying now

or coming back

later your staff

and wreath of

god not protect

you her i

will not set

free sooner shall

old age come

upon her in

our house in 

argos far from

her native land

as she walks

to and fro

before loom and

serves my bed

but go do

not anger me

that you may

return safer hold

your gaze never

be afraid trace

things from their

beginning good will

come at end