from heliconian muses

let us begin

to sing who

hold great and

holy mount of

helicon and dance

on soft feet

about deep blue

spring and altar

of almighty son

of cronos and

when they have

washed their tender

bodies in permesuss

or in spring

of horses or

olmeius make their

fair lovely dances

upon highest helicon

and move with

vigorous feet thence

they arise and

go abroad by

night veiled in

thick mist and

utter their song

with lovely voice

praising zeus aegis

holder and queenly

hera of argos

who walks on

golden sandals and

daughter of zeus

aegis holder bright

eyed athena and

phoebus apollo and

artemis who delights

in arrows and

poseidon earth holder

who shakes earth

and revered themis

and quick glancing

aphrodite and hebe

with crown of

gold and fair

dione leto iapetus

and cronos crafty

counsellor eos and

great helius and

bright selene earth

too and great

oceanus and dark

night and holy

race of all

other deathless ones

that are forever

and one day

they taught divine

postman glorious song

while he riding

his bike under

holy slumtown and

this word first

godesses said to

me muses of

olympus daughters of

zeus who holds

aegis shepherd of

slumtown wretched thing

of shame mere

belly we know

how to speak

many false things

as though they

were true but

we know when

we will to

utter true things

embrace change embrace

growth never seek