as for lineage

of alexander on

his fathers side

he was descendant

of heracles through

caranus and on

his mothers side

aeacus through neoptolemus

and we are

told that philip

after being initiated

into mysteries of

samothrace at same

time with olympias

he himself being

still youth and

she orphan child

fell in love

with and bethrothed

himself to her

at once with

consent of her

brother arymbas in

most illustrious deeds

there is not

always manifestation of

virtue or vice

nay slight thing

like phrase or

jest often makes

greater revelation of

character than battles

where thousands fall

or greatest armaments

or sieges of

cities i must

devote myself to

signs of soul

in men and

by means of

these to portray

life of each

leaving to others

description of their

contests she happy

that im leaving

never love here

was life prepares

something better may

i find ya

may we sit

together till we

grey and old

on cloud nine