here we are

faithful council of

persians who have

gone to land

of hellas we

who serve as

warders of royal

abode rich in

bountiful store of

gold we whom

xerxes our king

royal son of

darius himself selected

by virtue of

our rank and

years to be

guardians of his

realm regards of

our king and

return of his

host so richly

decked out in

gold soul within

my breast is

distressed and presages

disaster for whole

populace of asian

nation has come

and murmurs against

its youthful king

nor does any

courier or horseman

arrive at city

of persians who

left behind them

walled defence of

susa and agbatana

and ancient ramparts

of cissa and

went forth some

on horseback some

in galleys others

on foot presenting

dense array of

war such are

amistres and artaphrenes

and megabates and

astaspes marshals of

persians king themselves

yet vassals of

great king they

press on commanders

of great host

skilled in archery

and horsemanship formidable

to look upon

and fearful in

battle through valiant

resolve of their

souls artembares too

who fights from

his chariot and

masistres and noble

imaeus skilled with

bow and pharandaces

and sosthanes who

urges on his

steeds others in

addition mighty fecund

nile sent forth

susiscanes pegastagon of

egyptian lineage mighty

arsames lord of

sacred memphis ariomardus

governor of ancient

thebes and marsh

dwelling oarsmen well

skilled and countless

in number do

not depend upon

narcotics to express 

yourself nature has

her own sustained

means express yourself

purely all things

are history