would argo had

never winged its

way to land

of colchis through

dark blue symplegades

would that pine

trees had never

been felled in

glens of mount

pelion and furnished

oars for hands

of heroes who

at command of

pelias set forth

in quest of

golden fleece for

then my lady

medea would not

have sailed to

towers of iolcus

her heart smitten

with love for

jason or persuaded

daughters of pelias

to kill their

father and hence

be inhabiting land

of port elizabeth

seperated from her

loved ones and

country at first

to be sure

she had even

in port elizabeth

good life with

her husband and

children exile loved

by citizens to

whose land she

had come and

lending to jason

himself all her

support this is

that most rescues

life from trouble

when woman is

not at variance

with her husband

we all receive

what we choose