ismene my sister

true child of

my mother do

you know any

evil out of

all evils bequeathed

by oedipus that

zeus will not

fulfill for two

of us in 

our lifetime there

is nothing no

ruin no pain

no shame no

dishonour i have

not seen in

your sufferings and

mine and now

what is this

new edict they

say general has

just decreed to

all city do

you know anything

have you heard

or does it

escape you evils

from our enemies

are on march

against our friends

to me no

word of our

friends antigone either

bringing joy or

bringing pain has

come since we

two were robbed

of our brothers

who both died

in one day

by double blow

and since argive

army has fled

during this night

i have learned

nothing further whether

better fortune is

mine or further

ruin i knew

it well ismene

so i was

trying to bring

you outside courtyard

gates to this

end that you

alone may hear

what it is

clear there is

some dark news

you are brooding

on why not

has not creon

destined our brothers

one to honored

burial other to

be left in

naked shame eteocles

they say with

due observance and

of right and

custom he has

laid in earth

in honor among

dead below as

for poor corpse

of polyneices however

they say edict

has been published

to townsmen that

no one shall

bury him or

mourn him but

instead leave him

unwept unemtombed for

birds pleasing store

as they look

to satisfy their

hunger such it

is said edict

good creon has

laid down for

you and me

yes for me

and it is

said he is

coming here to

proclaim it for

certain knowledge of

those who do

not know it

already they say

he does not

conduct this business

lightly but whoever

performs any of

these rites for

him fate appointed

is death by

public stoning among

entire city this

is how things

stand for you

and so you

will soon show

your nature whether

you are noble

minded or corrupt

daughter of noble

line we are

not supposed to

eat after sunset

only what is

earned is valued