i believe i

have got story

you enquire by

heart pretty well

day before yesterday

i chanced to

be going up

town from my

house in phalerum

when one of

my acquaintance caught

sight of me

from behind hulla

phalerian apollodrus wait

for moment said

he do you

know i have

just been looking

for you as

i want to

hear all about

banquet that brought

together agathon socrates

and alcibiades and

rest of that

party and what

were speeches they

delivered on love

someone else was

relating to me

account he heard

from phoenix son

of phillip and

and he mentioned

that you knew

it too but

he could not

mention it all

clearly so you

must give me 

whole story for

you are most

proper reporter of

your dear friends

discourses but first

tell me were

you at this

party yourself or

not to which

my answer was

you have anything

but clear account

from your companion

if you suppose

party you asking

about to have

such recent affair

that i could

be included how

so glaucon you

must know that

it is many

years that agathon

has been away

from home and

country and not

yet three years

that i have

been consorting with

socrates and making

it my daily

care to know

whatever he says

or does before

that time i

was running about

at random and

thinking i did

things when i

was most wretchedest

man alive just

as you are

at present thinking

philosophy is none

of your business

we all dream

we gonna blow

leaving mark on