darius and parysatis

had two sons

born to them

of whom elder

was artaxerxes and

younger cyrus now

when darius lay

sick and suspected

that end of

his life was

near he wished

to have both

his sons with

him artarxerxes as

it was with

him already but

cyrus he summoned

from province over

which he had

made him satrap

and he had

also appointed him

commander of all

forces that muster

in plain of

castolus cyrus accordingly

went up to

his father taking

with him tissaphernes

as friend and

accompanied by three

hundred greek hoplites

under command of

xenias of parrhasia

when darius had

died and artaxerxes

was established as

king tissaphernes falsely

accused cyrus to

his brother of

plotting against him

artaxerxes believing accusation

arrested cyrus with

intention of putting

him to death

however his mother

made intercession for

him and sent

him back again

to his province