mother of slumtown

dear aphrodite delight

of heaven and

earth that beneath

gliding stars make

to teem many

voyaged main and

fruitful lands for

all of living

things through you

alone are evermore

conceived through you

are risen to

visit great sun

before you goddess

and thy coming

on flee stormy

wind and massy

cloud away for

thee daedal earth

bears scented flowers

for you waters

of unvexed deep

smile and hollows

of serene sky

glow with diffused

radiance for you

for soon as

comes springtime face

of day and

procreant gales blow

from west unbarred

first fowls of

air smit of

heart by you

fortoken of thy

approach o thou

divine and leap

wild herds round

happy fields or

swim bounding torrents

thus amain seized

with spell all

creatures follow you

whither so ever

you walk forward

to lead and

then through seas

and mountains and

swift streams through

leafy homes of

birds and greening

plains kindling lure

of love in

every breast you

bring eternal generations

forward kind after

kind and since

it is you

alone who guides

cosmos and without

you nothing is

risen to reach

shining shores of

light nor aught

of joyful or

lovely born you

do i crave

co-partner in

this verse which

i presume on

nature to compose

memmius mine who

you have willed

to be peerless

in every grace

at every hour

therefore indeed divine

one give my

words immortal charm

lull to timely

rest over sea

and land savage

works of war

for you alone

have power with

public peace to

aid mortality since

he who rules

savage works of

war puissant Mars

overmastered by eternal

wound of love

and there with

eyes and full

throat backward throne

gazing my goddess

open mouthed at

you pastures on

love his greedy

sight his breath

hanging on thy

lips him thus

reclined fill with

thy holy body

round above pour

from those lips

soft syllables to

win peace for

slumtown glorious lady

peace for in

season troublous to

city neither may

i attend this

task of mine

with thought untroubled

nor mid such

events illustrious memmian

house neglect civic


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