let me here

deal with poetry

its essence and

its several species

with characteristic function

of each species

and way in

which plots must

be constructed if

poem is to

be moving and

also with number

and constituent part

of poem and

similarly with all

other matters proper

to this inquiry

and let me

as nature directs

begin with first

principle epic poetry

then and poetry

of tragic drama

moreover comedy and

dithyrambic poetry and

most flute playing

and harp playing

these speaking generally

may all be

representations of life

but they differ

one from another

in three ways

either in using

means generically different

or in representing

different objects or

in representing objects

not in same

way but in

different manner just

as by use

of both colour

and form artists

represent many objects

making likeness of

them some having

knowledge of art

and some working

emperically and just

as others use

human voice so

is it also

in arts i

have mentioned they

all make their

representations in rhythm

language and tune

using these means

either separately or

in combination for

tune and rhythm

are employed in

flute playing and

harp playing rhythm

alone without tune

is employed by

dancers in their

representations for by

means of rhythmical

gestures they represent

both character and

experiences and actions