you said imma 

break alotta hearts 

along way you

said imma have

my heart broken

too you said

imma lose all

my friends you

said road will

be my home



i see my

name in lights

there with stars

i was beat

down to receive

my crown


i remember we

sat here on

these streets our

dreams we laid

before these stars

i felt you

holding my heart

these wounds that 

bled you said

you will kiss

every tear on

my cheek always

to catch me

when iAM weak

your bright eyes

i will always

miss im sorry

i had to




you said i

bring you joy

everyday we sat

round this fire

telling tales i

felt pains in

your heart you

said with me

you wanna start

new life i

told ya first

you gotta know

who you are

from yourself honey

you always ran

away so love

darling never stayed