greatest things take time

patience patience with shades

of all good and great for company


for solace perspective of your own infinite life

for work study and communication of principles

making those instincts prevalent


we will walk on our feet

we will work with our own hands

we will speak our own minds

if you dont love you’ll never know


to young man beauty lies in eye

he who feels is he who knows

every kingdom will one day come to end


man is everything

world is nothing

corruption of man is followed by corruption of language


poet is beholder of beauty

poetry was all written before time was

walk in woods is day well spent there is beauty within

your are your own maker


we shun that which is near

we chase that which is far

we fear light


man has more strength than woman

woman has more faith than man

there is joy in sun


faith of animal is beautiful

all things will come to centre

let each man choose road he should take there will be vengence



man drives car

woman cleans home

we ought to provide ourselves with unsinkable goods


books are best of friends

man’s true nature is his deeds

man is his fear


what will holding hands do

oh bring me men of troy

hektors never forsaking his town live every moment


avo is divine it needs no changing

follow light

take long way round


rainbow surrounds earth

we humour weak

eyes create fear


everything metamorphis always believe

water cannot exist without light

man has been robbed of himself


heart that loves can never hate

memories are enough to sustain man

we all desire to surrender


only explanation for life is that it is miracle

perfect silence is most beautiful

there seems to be perfection in every moment


breeze is gentle in its course

it is no good to rush

more man renounces himself more he finds himself


can you bring me agathon

young genius

nature’s language is a-unique


to great mind there are no limits

great mind moves mountains

only honesty can transform beauty


greater melancholy greater joy

man’s hands is man’s joy

king listens