we have forgotten what it means to be human

we are selfish bigots condescending idiots

we work ourselves dead


we fear each other

we impart words to gain

where is love in this place


time is infected with hamlet’s unhappiness

sicklied o’er with pale cast of thought

youth are told to remain mum use time effectively


i am cycling down oxford street

it is sunday morning

there are too many churches here


there are too many kids on these streets here

our city needs less prayers and more deeds

churches should become homeless shelters


we need to start giving

simple meal to stranger is start

maybe volunteering with our time messenger of all things



i am told that buffaloes once

roamed buffalo street

today it is abuzz with taxis


taximan seems to be grasshopper

he skips from lane to lane

clearly time is of essence


motorists seem to not be patient

few will ever admit to their faults

it seems to be finger pointing for most part see different

problem with our schools hector

is that mother’s started working father’s

came home too late and so we hired maids


here’s to maids floor scrubbing

toilet cleaning¬†mothers and here’s to

gardeners soil digging rubble carrying fathers


and here’s to orphans

lost ones wanderers

those who runaway from home


today i went to aquarium

i saw these little fish swimming

they seem to be happy in this little environment


there are also seals frolicking outside

they enjoy having us around

there was this one male who kept on singing


if you can’t get what you want

you learn to love things you’ve got

if you can’t be what you want

you learn to be¬†things you’re not

embrace simplicity behold beauty