how about we embrace small things

thank you please aah your lovely

hello to stranger sunset waves kissing your feet


how about we take walks in woods

and frolic like kids in sea

how about we give


how about we dance

how about we chase butterflies

how about we stared at stars

 how about we love believe in humanity and all that is good


i find all nations in slummies

i am walking streets of quigney

it must be said quigney is meltingpot of slumtown


there’s white boy driving taxi or rather iphela

shit what stories will he tell his grandkids

only in slummies do you find this man


where can khoisan be found today

what stories did they take with them

buffalo street is bustling this morning sacrifice for art

titles are over-rated





they call it slumies or slumtown

emonti little dorpie on coast of africa

life is ordinary in this place mundane routine


much like river flowing in still of night

im curious about history of this place

today i walk along nahoon beach


find picture of Khoisan frolicking at beach

it is reminder of harmony that once existed

i guess we are all foreigners here in beginning